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We have something for every member of your family


Couples Encounter Retreats

CoT encourages immigrant couples to keep the romance flowing and to keep the love deepening.  We help in this process by offering marriage enrichment retreats.

Our retreats are a great opportunity for every couple,

  • For those just beginning and filled with new connections, new love, and new dreams

  • For those becoming routine, filled with love and commitment and longing for the way it used to feel, and

  • For those at the breaking point, filled with pain, conflict, confusion, despair, and little or no hope for the future.


We invite you and your spouse to come and experience our next retreat. Click here to sign up for an upcoming retreat.

For the couples who need private sessions, we offer one-on-one coaching opportunities with couples. These one-on-one sessions provide safe and non-judgmental settings for you and your spouse to explore your differences and begin to work through them.  Click here to request a private session.​

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Let's Talk
Virtual Series

The virtual Let's Talk group sessions provide the opportunity for individuals to engage and learn from each other.


During these virtual group sessions, participants benefit from others as they share their experiences.


We offer the following monthly virtual sessions;

Single Ladies & Gentlemen - 1st Thursdays
Married Women & Men - 2nd  Thursdays
Married Couples - 3rd Thursdays


Young Adult 
Summer Camp

Each year, Circle of Trust organizes a FREE one-week summer overnight camp for young adults (between the ages of 16 to 19).

The goal of the camp is to assist these young adults as they learn to integrate into the United States of America.

During each session, they receive training and coaching on the following topics:

  • Portfolio Building (Academic & Career Pathways )

  • Financial Intelligence (Credit Scoring System)  

  • Emotional Intelligence (Building Relationships) 

  • Other Activities (Volunteer and Visits to Historic Sites)

In addition to training and coaching, we offer mentoring opportunities based on the individual's academic and career interests.  We pair the youth scholars with mentors in their area of academic or career choice, who continue to support them as they work towards achieving their goals.

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